Lifting heavy loads is an important part of most industrial operations. Though this practice is regulated by the OHS, each year, workers are killed or seriously injured due to the use of improper rigging techniques and inappropriate equipment. With DMX ELECTRICAL, you can rest assured our expert riggers never compromise on safety.

Need to install large-scale machinery or move a heavy load? With our vast experience and specialised lifting and testing equipment, we are capable of handling and moving all your goods, from the most delicate equipment to bulky materials up to 400 tons, including silos, transformers and heavy machinery.


Crane operation requires special care, largely because the machine is in a fixed position while the load (often heavy and awkward) is moving. This means the crane operator and on-the-ground staff need to be properly trained in the safe, effective operation of these mammoth machines. This includes using best practices for rigging, load security, and lifting and moving different materials in different environments.

Facing awkward, large loads or challenging project conditions? Need to hire a crane for your factory move or equipment relocation? Our expert team (and all the right equipment!) is just a call away.


Road travel is a viable, cost-effective option for moving heavy loads cross-country. However, South African road conditions are more challenging than ever, making the transport of heavy loads even more stressful. At DMX ELECTRICAL, air suspension low beds, rigged crane vehicles, semi-trailers and one ton bakkies cater to all your industrial transport needs. With professional drivers and properly registered and serviced vehicles, our fleet is well-equipped to transport your heavy goods and equipment. Plus, our drivers are trained to ensure the correct loading and care of your load, for the safest possible journey.

Looking to use a safe, long-distance carrier or to deliver loads to a new site? Big factory move relocation or expansion coming up? We have a full fleet and dedicated logistics team to help you manage all the logistics of a big move with ease.


Transformers are important for many different operations, making them a valuable addition to today’s power system. With many options on the market, it’s essential to find the right one to meet your needs, starting with installation location and performance requirements. What’s true of all transformers? From transport to installation, you'll need help of an expert team to make sure your transformer performs at its best!

Need help safely installing your new transformer? Want to keep it functioning at maximum power and efficiency? Need an oil service, regular maintenance or urgent repair job? Our team of qualified technicians is on hand to tick all the boxes.


We offer indoor and outdoor storage facilities with 3 phase 220V electrical supply while our over-head crane makes it convenient to offload and reload on short notice.


As transformer oil degrades over time, it needs to be regularly tested and replaced to ensure the smooth operation of your transformer. Avoid damage and costly repairs with a preventative programme that includes scheduled oil changes.

Our mobile oil plant (designed to purify contaminated transformer oil) makes this process as easy as can be. We ensure precise results and the correct action for the longevity and efficacy of your transformer.